Traditional Greek products


Οne of Vaoni's targets is to make haute gastronomy available to everyone through the delicious healthy Greek cuisine. Building on the quality of our products, we decided to take up a new challenge: to turn an argicultural product, consumed in Greece, into a gastronomic one. Therefore, we had to work hard in order to satisfy the senses of most demanding gastronomes. Thus, we present you a nutritional food, which is Trahanas.

Trahanas is a favorite Greek Pasta around the country. It comes in two versions- sweet (made with milk) and sour (made with greek yoghurt or sour traditional buttermilk) and is used to taste.

Low in fat with no sugar, it is a delicious and nutritional food.Making a true Greek Trahana at home takes more than 5 hours of labour and patience.
Thus, Vaoni offers a great opportunity in gastronomy and invites every gourmets to a unique and amazing experience.

Trahanas is dried in the sun in the summer in order to be ready in the winter for consumption. Have it on a cold winter night, after a long day or when you follow a healthful diet, you will be amazed by the Greek-classic food.

All you need to do now is to enjoy it without waiting!

.available in a bag of 500gr.